Meditation for better health and mindfulness

Let’s meditate to make a better version of yourself.

What do you do every day in morning? Most people think about to do list and start working towards it. But this is a great time to stop this and focus on your health and mindfulness. Take a break for 15 minutes and do meditation.

No one needs to be perfect in everything they do. You just have to start breath with silence. You don’t have to be monk or spiritual person to get benefits from meditation. It gives you energy whole day and you act like a never ending powerhouse. It is good for everybody and for all age groups. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are into, you can practice and can get benefit from meditation.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice where a person uses a technique to focus the mind on a thought or any activity which will train mind to be clear and in more stable state. It’s been in practice since 19th century and was used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

Science Facts

Let’s see how it works. The pituitary gland gets activated when you meditate and secrete endorphins in your brain. These endorphins responsible to make you feel good in whole way. Some studies suggest that meditation helps combat depression and anxiety and may improve pain tolerance.

Best time to meditate

The best time to meditate is in early morning after you wake up. Find silence at any corner and just sit and breathe for few minutes. As you practice it every day, the time will increase and you will be comfortable while doing it. The benefits will come through and the ultimate change associated with it will be more visible to you and others. You will feel energetic and calm at the same time.  In case the time crunch is present or getting up late, find out 10 minutes in whole day when you can practice this and do it!!

5 Benefits of meditation

1.Calm mind

It makes you still and be mindful. In this, you observe your thoughts; try to control them and then letting them go. It is amazing that you can observe your thoughts free of judgment, then letting them pass by, leaving you free from negativity or worry.  It help you kick start your day with full energy.

2.Improved health

Everybody wants perfect health and has a goal to bring mindfulness and awareness to you.  Meditation is a practice which helps you to control your breath while breathing into parts of your body you want to heal.  Every focussed breath gives more oxygen and energy to the body and good endorphins in brain. So, overall, a wonderful combo.

3.Sound sleep

Now a day due to multiple distractions around us, it is getting difficult to get better sleep and it affects our health. Since meditation will help you quickly relax and enter a meditative state. You can get a full and sound sleep at night and can dream big. Then, you are ready to win your next day.

4.Reduce stress

This is most common factor for which people are incorporating meditation in their daily routine. Due to lot of emotional baggage we carry around every day, it just act like a trigger to create the cycles of event which will end up in making us hopeless, irritable and moody. Meditation helps in reducing stress and do calm mind.

Calm your mind

5.Control pain

Perception of pain is dependent on state of mind and stress may increase the same. Just opposite to that, once you are calm the pain control is easy and brain centers become less sensitive to the pain. Meditation increases ability to cope with the pain.

Summary says that the benefits of meditation are countless.  It promoted emotional health, reduce stress, increase mental clarity and focus, improve awareness, helps to control pain, improves health, make you relax and calm. Best one is that its free for ever body.

So, let’s do it!!

Start today and get all the benefits.

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