Amla (Indian gooseberry) : Vitamin C supplement

Amla/Indian gooseberry is a big powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants. As per Ayurveda also, amla juice is known to balance all the processes in the body and brings to equilibrium all doshas. It has innumerable health benefits. The antioxidant properties make it a superfood which helps in maintaining whole body’s well-being and prevent most common diseases.

Benefits of Amla Juice for Hair

Give strength to hair:

For damaged or frizzy hair or split ends, amla juice do wonders. Apply it on the hair for about half an hour and then rinse with lukewarm water. Doing this frequently will make your hair very shiny and strong.

Promotes hair growth:

Amla is very rich in iron & vitamins which boost hair growth. These nutrients and other minerals make your hair follicles strong, thus ensuring better hair growth. Apply mixture of amla juice and lemon juice on your hair. Wash it off after 30-45 minutes.

Prevents greying of hair:

Grey hair is a very common problem now a days. Amla juice helps in improving the pigmentation of hair and retain the dark colour. Apply it regularly over hairs to prevent premature greying of hair.

Helps to get rid of dandruff:

Amla juice is a very good source of vitamin C and it helps in removing dandruff. Application of amla juice on the scalp twice every week improves the issue of oily scalp and dandruff.

Benefits of Amla Juice for Skin

Helps in dark spots reduction:

Vitamin C presence in amla juice lightens skin and reduces pigmentation. Regularly apply Amla juice on your face regularly for maximum benefits. It will lighten the dark spots and give a natural glow to your face.

Provides anti-ageing benefits:

Amla juice is packed with antioxidants that help fight all signs of ageing. Vitamin C is also an essential component in keeping your face free from blemishes and fine lines. Consuming Amla juice delays ageing and keeps your skin looking young and wrinkle free.

Health Benefits Of Amla Juice:

  • Helps asthma patients: Drinking amla juice can help reduce irritation in the respiratory system. It provides a soothing effect to those who suffer from asthma or bronchitis due to it’s anti-inflammatory nature.
  • Good for heart: Amla juice lowers the cholesterol level. On regular use, it protect the heart from stress and antioxidants increase the life span.
  • Controls diabetes: Consuming amla juice daily with turmeric powder and honey (optional) twice a day is known to be helpful in keeping diabetes under control. The chromium present in amla helps control the blood sugar levels. Apart from that, it also stimulates the secretion of insulin.
  • Burns fat: A glass of amla juice every day improves health and reduces cholesterol levels. Include it in your regular diet if you want to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.
  • Treats constipation: Amla juice act as laxative. It also regulate bowel movements and make stool passage easy. It can be helpful in relieving you of many stomach issues.
  • Purifies blood: Amla juice is good for your liver’s health. Amla juice purifies the blood and increases the haemoglobin percentage of your body as it is rich in iron.

Other benefits of Amla Juice:

Amla juice has innumerable benefits. Using it, by ingesting or applying, can help you in many ways.


Amla juice is packed with various vitamins such as carotene, phosphorus, calcium, iron and vitamin B complex. It is a perfect mix of antioxidants that flushes toxins out of your body. It further ensures your body’s protection from oxidative stress by eliminating free radicals. Ayurveda holds that regular consumption of amla juice promotes longevity.

Immunity booster

Amla juice has a vital composition- Vitamin C which improve the immune system. The antibacterial properties of the juice help fight off bacteria and infections.


The Indian gooseberry is rich in vital nutrients. Numerous studies have stated its importance in the human diet. But like any other food out there, moderation is key.

Stick to the dosage mentioned. If you are on any medication or have any health condition, please speak to your doctor as it may have different effects on different people.

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