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Motivational quotes can help you reach your potential every day. They give you a direction to your purpose. The positive mindset and attitude can not change your daily struggles but it can help you to have more courage, more belief in yourself. And if you’re on the verge of giving up or struggling to push yourself to the next level, sometimes that’s just what you need. 

If you’re trying to complete your work or trying to start a new project, or hit a big life goal, knowing how to motivate yourself and train your brain for success can do more than you think. Motivation is your desire to do something with your personal life, at work, in school, in sports, or in any circumstances. The motivation to do something can help to achieve your goals either big or short.

So, let’s read some thoughts to motivate yourself and these motivational quotes will get you back on track. Let’s  jumpstart your day with positive mindset, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.


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Happy Diwali 2022 – Best Wishes and Greetings

Diwali 2022 will be celebrated on October 24, 2022 this year. Diwali, another name is Deepawali which is a very significant and important holidays celebrated each year on the fifteenth day of Kartik, the holiest month in the Hindu lunar calendar. Throughout the festival, indians will use diyas, candleslanterns and any other form of lights to light up their home. It’s a very beautiful festival which joins our heart with everyone.

Happy Diwali 💥

Happy Diwali 2022

Although the preparations and ceremonies for the Diwali celebration often last for five days, the major festival night falls on the darkest new moon night of the Hindu lunisolar month Kartik. The five days of one of the most important Hindu holidays are Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, Diwali, Govardhan Puja and Bhai Dooj.

It’s important that before Diwali festival, we have to clean the home, renovate it or paint and decorate houses, offices or stores. Indians celebrate Diwali by dressing in new or traditional clothing, lighting diyas (oil lamps), performing family pujas, and honouring Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Doing this with all their heart, provides blessings to all members of family.

Happy Diwali

Diwali is festival to celebrate with our family and loved ones thus here we are with Best Wishes, Status, Greetings, quotes and messages for your family, friends and colleagues.

Happy Diwali Wishes 2022 to family, friends and Colleagues

  • I wish you a prosperous, healthy, and happy Diwali.
  • Let us celebrate the Diwali festival with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts. Diwali greetings to everyone.
  • May we all enjoy happy, prosperous, and wonderful lives.
  • Let’s add another lovely memory to our life by celebrating Diwali with our families and friends. A lovely Diwali to you.
  • May the Diwali festive season be filled with celebrations, festivities, and great zeal. I wish everyone a happy Diwali.
  • I hope Diwali brings you joy and happiness.
  • May your Diwali be filled with joy and light.
  • May the allure of Diwali never wane. “Let’s celebrate this great holiday with the best foods and company.” Happy Diwali!
  • I send everyone my warmest greetings on this auspicious occasion of Diwali.
  • I hope the light of Deepawali brightens your day this Diwali.
  • May your Diwali be filled with joy!
  • May Diwali bring you enough light to chase away all the darkness in your life.

Diwali Messages to family & friends

  • May Millions of Lamps Illuminate Your Life Forever With Endless Prosperity, Health, And Wealth. Diwali greetings to you and your family.
  • Life with you is like Diwali, so let us promise to stay together forever.
  • A Sweet Memories Festival, A Sky Full Of Fireworks, A Mouth Full Of Sweets, A House Full Of Diyas, And A Heart Full Of Enjoyment.
  • May the beauty of the Deepawali season fill your home with joy, and may the coming year bring you everything that makes you happy.
  • Shoot a rocket of prosperity, light a flowerpot of happiness, and wish you and your family a glittering Diwali!
  • Diyas are here to help you light up your life, decorations to help you beautify and make all your problems disappear, and sweets to add that special something to your life. We wish you a joyous Diwali.
  • With this festival of lights, may you find true joy, prosperity, and love. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Diwali.
  • We all wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali filled with everything you desire.

The Diwali festival represents the victory of good over evil, virtue over vice, wisdom over ignorance, and hope over despondence.

Deepawali, also known as Diwali, is a celebration of lights. So, wishing you all a very Happy and prosperous Diwali 2022.

How to beat Monday Blues

Everyone who is working a job, have their own business or doing chores whole week, feels to have a need to vent out all the stress bottled up in weekend time. Everyone loves weekend. It’s me time, fun time, friend’s time, family time and much more. You can do whatever you want.

I assume everyone is pumped full of energy to make the weekend count and hence plan multiple activities and try to execute as much as possible. No relaxation, just fun. This type of strategy usually lead to Monday blues.

What is Monday blue?

This is a term you must have heard multiple times but what does it mean actually.

Monday blues is the feeling of negative emotions and lack of motivation to get back to your normal routine of work after weekend. It’s a feeling of not want to do anything on this day and getting out of bed becomes a difficult task. You will start finding excuses for not to go for work and just don’t want to do anything. Actually you feel sick to the stomach knowing that you have to work through next 5-6 days again in a stretch. And remember first step is always difficult.

Monday blues – Let’s beat it

You need to understand that your Monday blues are following the cycle of weekend and as weekend keeps coming back, so does your Monday blues. So, you have to break this cycle to overcome this problem. There are few steps you need to follow so that you can enjoy your Monday.

Good Sleep on Sunday Night

Make a aim to be in bed by 11pm on Sunday night to get at least 7 hours of sleep. When you try to extend your weekend by extending your night time, it makes your next day stressful. As you are exhausted, the next day feels more heavier than what it is. Good night sleep make you feel much better. So, the first tip for beating Monday morning blues is to get all of your errands and fun done within the day of weekend.

Wake up Early

It’s a another challenge for so many people, but when you do start the morning earlier, you become more productive throughout the day. Either try to be little early otherwise follow the same routine time you are getting up usually on your weekdays. It will make you comfortable that you have done first thing right. Getting up late will make you irritated and a feeling to rush everything brings extra stress with it. So, do this and feel good.

Do Exercise

Just right after you getup and freshen up, start your day with exercise. You can choose any form whatever you are comfortable with. It can be yoga, brisk walk, easy run or some gear exercise. The exercise pumps happy hormones in your body and it helps you to beat the Monday blue feeling.

Dress Properly

At this point, your Monday blues should already start to feel a little bit lighter and faded.  So, to continue with this vibes, pick your favourite outfit and give yourself little time to make yourself groomed. Your confidence will increase and you will feel good. Use perfume aroma to lift off the negativity.

Schedule Your Day

Once you are done with these steps, this is a last to follow. Since it is a first day of the weekdays, you will have a list of work to finish and it might be a long list. But here is the thing, don’t try to cover as much as possible in the start. You will pickup pace with your work, so don’t get feel burdened or stressed over the work. Try to schedule your work. Always start with the small tasks first so that once you completed few tasks, it makes you comfortable enough to go for more challenging ones.


Once you will start putting these suggestions to work, don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to follow as much as possible with positive attitude. Remember that there is always tomorrow to try again and and as someone once said to me, if all else fails, pretend it’s a Tuesday !

Good luck with your new routine and tell us how you have felt after doing it ?

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The 5 minutes Meditation

Everyone who is out there and want to start their meditation journey, even five minutes is a good amount of time to become comfortable with the process and to learn something new. Meditation is not new to the world and even science acknowledge it’s effects and benefits. Doing it doesn’t require any money or expensive stuff, it just require your time and space and you can get it’s amazing and wonderful benefits.


It’s a basic method which needs focusing your attention on your breathing in a quiet place. It’s a practice which simply called as Mindful Breathing. It helps in anxiety, negative emotions and depression. It helps to cool yourself down, makes you more relaxed and calm. Other benefits include more focus and better ability to  concentrate. Incorporating it in your daily routine will be an amazing experience to you. So, let’s get started.

Time required

First important thing to keep in your mind is how much time you will actually need to maintain persistence. Minimum 15 – 25 minutes consider as good meditation time and if you can do more than that, it is best. But always start slowly and there is no need to rush to extend the time. So, start with 5 minutes and then extend it, once you are comfortable. Your mind and body will take time to adjust initially and then you are boom to go.

How to meditate

There are some basics you have to follow to have positive effects and it is required to understand the full process before getting into it. You must have read about it multiple times, the benefits, the amazing feeling experienced by others but you are about to feel and experience this and cheating on the basics is not going to help you.

So, understand the basics, try to follow them as much as possible and then go ahead to get the benefits and full experience.

1. Correct Posture

Sit in correct posture

The meditation is a way of breathing in which it is important to have good posture. The inhalation and exhalation depends on the full air flow in your lungs. So, you need ideally be in sitting position with crossed legs but if you are not comfortable with it, lying down on the mat or a flat, stable surface is also good.

2. A comfortable space

Choose your comfortable space

Find a comfortable space in your home for meditation. You can use chair or mat for sitting position and can lie down on flat, stable surface. Cushion should be used while sitting so that hip part is higher than knee level. Always keep your back upright/straight but relax. Hands should be resting on the knees. Tongue can be placed on the roof of your mouth in front of teeth or wherever it is comfortable in position.

3. Tune your breathing

You just need to breathe, not short, not long one. Just do it the way it is, let it flow. Inhale the air and feel the flow going in your nostril, throat, chest and abdomen and exhale and feel the same process in reverse order. In beginners, you are not suppose to control the timing of inhalation or exhalation. It is a process which needs little practice first, once you are good to focus on your breathing, then take deep inhale (3 seconds), pause it (2 seconds) and exhale through your nose (4 seconds). In the end of meditation, go back to your normal breathing with complete focus on it. You will get there, just don’t force breathing timing on yourself. Just relax and calm with it.

4. Be kind to mind

It is easy to say to focus on your breathing and don’t think but it is very difficult to do but not impossible. While doing meditation, your mind will often wander around. It can start thinking about the day, the chores, work related things and multiple other things. It’s a part which you are not supposed to control too much, let it come back or you can redirect it back to breathing. Be kind to mind, don’t get frustrated or feel bad during meditation. It might happen multiple times initially but later you will have calm, relaxed mind with practice.

5. Time to follow

You can always start meditation with some time frame. You can start with 5 minutes if you are very busy and later increase your time. When we do meditation, even 1 minute feels like 10-15 minutes and our wandering mind keeps wondering how much long I have to do this. It is a thought usually go around in beginners mind. You will keep opening your eyes to check whether 5 minutes are over or not but interrupting the meditation again and again is not a good idea. A very easy solution for it is to put a timer on. You can use watch or phone but try to keep it little away from your space.

6. Don’t checkout immediately

After meditation, don’t jump back to do your work or chores. Once you finished with the meditation, open your eyes, try to relax your whole body, feel the difference. Take 2 minutes to do this process, appreciate yourself. Then, you can get up and go ahead with your day.

Doing Meditation everyday makes you calm, relaxed even in stress, anxious situations. You feel more serene and focussed.

Implementing meditation in your daily routine is a great way to improve the quality of your life. Choose to do it even for 5 minutes in your busy schedule. Feel the joy and reap the benefits.

Good luck with your new routine and tell us how you have felt after doing it ?

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Motivational quotes for Mindset

Hi everyone! These wonderful quotes will help you in making a stronger mindset just by reading it. These are powerful words which will fuel your mind today and tomorrow.

You can read these everyday by saving pin to your account or can save it and make it a wallpaper. So, let’s go, be motivated.

See rejection as new direction
Remember that the reason you are doing this to make your life better
Dream big, work hard, make it happen
The secret of getting ahead is getting started
Take a deep breath, pick yourself up and start all over again
Strong, competent capable
A goal without a timeline is just a dream
Be dedicated, be disciplined, be a doer
Stop comparing, stop complaining, start doing
Through self discipline comes freedom

This is a little motivation to everyone out there. It’s a great vibe which will help you through the difficult situations and I hope you make it through.

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