Most Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a habit which turns into addiction very easily. Everyone of us who start smoking never expect to become addicted. It starts with one cigarette you smoked because to look cool or under influence of close ones or just curiously. Once you start taking it, body and mind quickly get used to nicotine. Soon, you want to have more. But no matter in which stage you are, you can quit smoking. Let’s get to the information you need to quit smoking.

You need to understand that tobacco cravings or urges can be controlled by you only. When you stop smoking, your body has to get used to not having nicotine. That’s withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms are common. Craving cigarettes, feeling irritable and trouble sleeping are common symptoms which last a few days to few weeks. The first week after quitting is when you are most at risk for a slip because withdrawal symptoms are strongest. So, you will make a plan which will help you to get rid of this habit permanently. Take your best effort.

Here, are the 10 tested ways which can help you resist the urge to smoke and helps in quitting it.

1. Make a Plan and Stick to it

After you made the decision to quit smoking, you need to know beforehand what will happen to you in next few weeks. This will make you ready for the obvious things and you can tackle them easily. Revisiting your quit plan can make your quit days little easier. You will stay focused, confident and fully motivated to quit and stay quit. If you haven’t made a quit plan yet, just do it!

2. Learn and Avoid Smoking Triggers

Whenever you get triggers or urges, you smoke. These urges may be the situations like feeling stressed or habit like after food/coffee or the places like party/bars. So, Triggers are the places, things and situations that set off your urge to smoke. Identify your trigger situations and make a plan accordingly to avoid Or manage them entirely till you quit smoking.

Learn to Spot your Smoking Triggers :

Few days before the day you will stop smoking, keep a journal and record the urges through out the day. Make notes on phone or notebook that you can easily carry with you. Every time you light a cigarette, record it.

  • Time of day and how many per day.
  • Intensity of your craving on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • What you were doing at that moment

Learn to Avoid triggers :

Once you are aware of your pattern, then next step is to learn to avoid them. When an urge to use tobacco strikes, always remember it will probably pass within five to 10 minutes. Each time you resist a tobacco craving, you are one step closer to stop this habit.

Better plan is to outsmart your triggers before they strike. To do this, change your routines and surrounding so that you can avoid the triggers. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Spend time with non smokers more as hint of smoking by smell also can make you do it for few days.
  • Throw away your all cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays. Don’t keep even one cigarette.
  • Avoid too much caffeine, it can make you feel jittery, dehydrated and irritable. Try drinking water or juices instead.
  • Go to places where smoking isn’t allowed and explore new places to go for keeping you excited.
  • Eat healthy and can add healthy snacks for free time to keep your mouth busy for few days.

3. Stay Positive

Once you set the quit day, you need to be positive about the decision. Quitting starts with one moment, one hour and one day at a time. Take your first step and keep yourself motivated. Pay attention to this moment and the time will add up. It helps to stay positive. Your quit day might not be the perfect but all that matters is that you don’t smoke. Reward yourself for even small steps like being smoke-free for 24 hours as you deserve it.

4. Increase Physical Activity

According to the studies, increase physical activity secretes hormones in the body which can help you from tobacco cravings and reduce their intensity. Even short burst of physical activity like running up and taking stairs a few times can make a craving go away. So, exercise everyday and make a routine to do it.

If you’re stuck at the office, try to do stretches on the chair and take 5 minutes break to take a walk or a set of stairs. It can elevate your mood and will make you more happy.

5. Practice Relaxation Techniques

You need to have a calm mind to achieve any goals. You need to be relax and able to enjoy your day without smoking. Feeling stress can trigger craving and can keep you on your toes whole day. Believe that once you are done with smoking, you will have great days.

Try to control stress by practicing relaxation techniques. You can learn them and then practice as much as possible. You can choose any of them like deep-breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, meditation, yoga, visualization, massage or listen meditative music. There are lot of options, choose yours.

6. Eat healthy

To control this habit you need a calm mind and healthy body. To control withdrawal symptoms, you need a healthy diet which can keep you energetic through out the the day and will make you less irritable. Try to include healthy options in your diet and take 5-6 small meals.

As smoking make you feel something missing and you start having craving, chew on gum or candy. You can choose the other options like raw carrots, celery, nuts or sunflower seeds, something crunchy and satisfying.

7. Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is a therapy which helps in dealing with withdrawal symptoms and to control cravings. This is a option you can ask from your doctor. The options which will be given to you include:

  • Prescription nicotine in form of nasal spray or inhaler.
  • Over-the-counter nicotine patches, gum or lozenges.
  • Prescription non-nicotine stop-smoking medications

The options of spray, gums, lozenges are Short-acting nicotine replacement therapies which can help you overcome the episode of intense cravings. These can be use with combination of long-acting nicotine patches or medications as per advised by the doctor. Don’t self medicate yourself with these options without professional help.

A new alternative is available now a days which has lot of attention are Electronic cigarettes. More studies are needed to determine the efficacy and side effects of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation and the long-term safety of these devices. So, discuss this option with your doctor.

8. Join Group

To keep yourself motivated, you need a support group. Touch base with any of family member, friend or support group member for help in your effort to resist a tobacco craving. You need someone to talk to who will keep you motivated. You can discuss the obstacles and problems you are facing at that time. Take a walk together, share a few laughs or get together. It will make a difference.

9. Remind yourself of the benefits

Why you want to quit smoking ? Write it down and maintain a journal, the reasons for which you want to stop smoking and resist tobacco cravings. To make yourself better, for getting healthier, to save money, for loved ones. Read this journal everyday to keep yourself focused.

10. Take online support

If you are unable to get a support group, friends who dont smoke because of any reasons like very busy schedule or living single. You have option to join an online stop-smoking program, help groups to chat. Read blogs and discussion forums to understand that there are others like you who are trying. Learn from them to handle your situation.


Remember, each time you resist a tobacco craving, you’re one step closer to being totally tobacco-free. Keep trying and you will quit smoking and one day it’s not going to bother you anymore. All the best!

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How to do Teeth Cleaning at home

Everyone wants beautiful smile with shiny, stain free teeth. To achieve that, you visit dentist for professional cleaning but with time lot of stains and tartar deposits accumulated over teeth. So, after professional cleaning are you doing enough to maintain that beautiful teeth or you go back to the routine things you still think is good. Is it giving you good results ?

The professional cleaning of teeth is a crucial part of good oral hygiene and is needed periodically to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. So, you have to get it done to prevent the likelihood of gum diseases. In between routine cleanings, good oral hygiene at home is very important to prevent tarter build-up and to maintain gum health.

The purpose of the everyday cleaning is basically to keep the teeth clean and smooth so that bacteria are unable to stick to them and you have a better chance of keeping the teeth clean during your regular home care. There are different aids to achieve and maintain the teeth cleaning. You must be using few of them but try the new ones to get amazing benefits.

Toothbrush                 (Manual/Electric)

Toothbrush has small head with bristles with long handle. It removes food particles and plaque. Available in variety of bristle hardness as soft, medium or hard. Most preferred ones are soft and medium as produce less gum trauma. It is advised to clean teeth twice a day with a toothbrush and try to clean all the surfaces of teeth. Manual is very common but now a days another option is available – Electric toothbrush.

Manual or Electric :

They’re both good, as long as you brush all the surfaces of your teeth. Both are well efficient in performance but electric toothbrush gives a edge to this everyday oral hygiene maintenance.

  • It easier to clean teeth thoroughly with an electric toothbrush for anyone with limited mobility such as arthritis, disabilities.
  • Electric toothbrush bristles vibrate or rotate to help in removing plaque from your teeth and gums. The vibration allows for more micro-movements every time you move your toothbrush across your teeth.
  • Presence of timer in electric toothbrush can help you brush your teeth long enough to sufficiently remove plaque.  
  • It is fun for kids as vibrations make it more interesting and timer can help in monitoring them.

Tips to choose toothbrush :

  • Toothbrush with a small, medium head preferred.
  • Round-end bristles compared to flat end is better. You can check with the tip of finger whether bristles are soft at edge.
  • Medium or soft bristles are best for gum health as they are less traumatic and flexible enough to clean teeth surfaces efficiently.

So, You can choose your toothbrush more efficiently and can take care of your oral hygiene in a better way.


Small pea amount of toothpaste helps in cleaning teeth when used with toothbrush. Flavouring agents present in toothpaste gives a fresh lingering feeling and foam production helps in smooth gliding of toothbrush over teeth. Hence, it’s a very important aid. Besides that toothpaste with fluoride helps to protect and harden the enamel over the teeth. There are multiple brands available with their specific features. You can choose as per your needs.

Tips to choose toothpaste :

  • Adults should use a toothpaste that contains at least 1,350 parts per million (ppm) fluoride.
  • As per specific needs like sensitivity, gum problems, specific brands available which can reduce sensitivity or gum problem. So, pay attention while choosing the toothpaste.
  • Children aged below 6 should use a pea sized blob of lower strength of fluoride children’s toothpaste as per advised by dentist.
  • Children under the age of 3 should use just a smear of toothpaste or not.
  • Make sure children don’t lick or eat toothpaste from the tube and should always be monitored.

Interdental brush

They are small brush specifically designed to clean between your teeth where regular toothbrush unable to reach. With small bristled heads, they are available in different widths to suit the sizes of the gaps present in between teeth. 

Interdental brushes help to prevent gum disease by cleaning pieces of food stuck in the gums and plaque from the side surfaces of teeth.

They are more efficient in cleaning as compared to floss in bigger size gaps present in between teeth.

The interdental brush should be either loose Or fit snugly in-between the teeth. Never force a wide size brush in medium size gap as it can cause gum trauma.

If you are new to use this brush, learn to use it with the help of tips, tutorial Or dentist. It’s a little bit difficult in early stages but once you learn it, you will be more efficient in cleaning. If gum trauma occurs while use, don’t use it for few days till gum heals and let it recover. Be gentle while using it.


Floss is a thin filament of cord which looks like a thread. Floss is an excellent interdental aid to clean and removing food stuck between your teeth, which reduces the amount of bacteria and plaque in your mouth. It is advisable to use it everyday for good gum health. It is more efficient in normal and small size gaps between teeth due to gum recession.

Some people have a routine of brushing their teeth first and then flossing. However, it is generally recommended to floss and then brush your teeth to remove dislodged food particles.

Types of floss :

  • It is available in waxed form (thin nylon strand) Or unwaxed form (standard size, flavoured).
  • It is available in thread form and disposable picks with handle for easy maneuver. You can choose any of them.
  • Electric flosser : It’s a new option available in floss. It has thin strand which vibrates in oscillating motion. It can easily remove food but should be careful as may produce gum trauma on overuse.
  • Another option is Water flosser, which uses water with pressure to remove plaque and food from gaps between the teeth. It’s a great option if you have trouble using normal floss. Very easy to use and very kind to gums.

Now you can start using floss but try them first to know which one is best and comfortable for you. Water and Electric flosser are easy to use than regular one but regular one are cheap and easy to carry everywhere.


Mouthwash is a liquid used as oral rinses due to it’s antiseptic nature. It kills bacteria and reduce the plaque formation, bad breath. It is very effective to enhance oral hygiene. Mouthwash offers the benefit of reaching areas not easily accessed by a toothbrush.

Regular use of mouthwash significantly reduce bad breath with additional benefit of reducing the risk of gum disease and cavities

Using a mouthwash does not replace regular brushing and flossing. On regular use, it may significantly contribute to tooth staining for which a professional cleaning will be required. So, use it in a limited way. Mouthwash is not recommended for children younger than 6 years of age as may swallow large amount of mouthwash.


These are the options available to maintain your oral hygiene at home efficiently. By making a proper daily routine, formation of plaque and tartar can be reduced. Learn to use them and with time it will be easy. So, keep your teeth, gums healthy and smile !

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Bad Breath or Halitosis: Causes, prevention, treatment

Bad breath means persistent unpleasant odour from the exhaled breath which remains there for extended period of time. It can’t be just controlled with mints and mouthwash as underlying problem still exists. So, it’s keep coming back and don’t budge away with home remedies. Bad breath affects an estimated 25 percent of people all over the world that means 1 out of the 4 person is affected by it. There are a number of possible causes of halitosis, but the vast majority come down to oral hygiene.

Causes of bad breath

Bad oral hygiene: 

  • If you don’t do proper brushing and flossing daily, food particles remain in your mouth promote bacteria growth between teeth, around the gums and on the tongue. This is the most common reason of bad breath. Negligence of oral hygiene for a long time can lead to bad breath.
  • Bacteria forms a layer called as plaque which irritate and cause inflammation of gums called as periodontitis.


  • Tobacco products on regular use forms stains over teeth and irritate mucosa which cause their peculiar mouth odor. The stains over the teeth make surface rough which increase food attachment which increase the chances of gum disease which can also cause bad breath. So, if you are chewing or smoking tobacco, the effects are almost same. More you take it, worse the gum problem will be and so is bad breath.

Nose and throat conditions: 

  • Infection around nose and throat can also be the reason of the bad breath. Due to sinus or blocked nose, mouth breathing happens which lead to dehydrated oral mucosa as saliva unable to make a layer everytime you breath through mouth. The more you breath through mouth, the more gingivitis occurs which lead to bad breath. In the throat if small, bacteria-covered stones can form on the tonsils at the back of the throat, can produce odor. So, the infections or inflammation in the nose, throat or sinuses can be the potential cause of bad breath.


  • Metabolic diseases are the one in which proper functioning of few organs are affected and lead to specific mixes of chemical production. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is very common cause of bad breath due to the regular reflux of stomach acids.

Does ulcer cause bad breath? This is a very common question as upset stomach and alimentary canal can cause digestion difficulties and indigestion may lead to bad breath. The ulcer starts forming in the later stage of the condition. Ulcer itself may not be the causing factor but the type of bacteria that causes ulcers, Helicobacter pylori can trigger bad breath, according to the studies. Treating the bacteria may get rid of the bad breath and ulcers. So, both are correlated.

  • Here are some diseases which can cause halitosis such as respiratory tract infections like pneumonia or bronchitis,chronic sinus  infection, postnasal drip, diabetes, chronic acid reflux and liver  or  kidney problems.

Dry mouth: 

  • Saliva is a fluid continuously formed in the mouth by salivary glands which keeps the mucosa protected and hydrated. It has antimicrobial properties and naturally cleans the mouth. The dry mouth causes bad breath due to growth of bacteria, inflammation of gums and mucosa. Reasons for dry mouth or less saliva can be dehydration, less fluid intake, mouth breathing due to blocked nose or sinus or salivary gland disease which can cause meagre formation of saliva. Less saliva production causing dry mouth called as xerostomia. This can cause bad breath.


  • The type of diet and lifestyle habits can be a cause of bad breath. As specific food on breakdown produces byproducts which disintegrates further and this food present over the teeth can cause bad odours. Some foods such as onion and garlic can also cause bad breath. After they are digested, their breakdown products are carried in the blood to the lungs where they can affect the breath. So, poor oral hygiene habits along with specific food disintegration can cause bad breath.

Gum disease:

  • Persistent bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth may be a warning sign of gum (periodontal) disease. Gum disease is caused by the buildup of plaque and calculus on teeth due to insufficient cleaning. Complex bacteria cause the formation of byproducts, which irritate the gums. If gum disease continues untreated, it can form the pockets in the gums where food will get stuck and the person can’t clean that pockets himself. Other dental causes of bad breath include poorly fitting dental appliances, yeast infections of the mouth, and dental caries (cavities).

Prevention & Treatment

There are steps which can help you in prevention and help you to get rid of halitosis. So, here we go —

  1. Be sure to brush properly, practice good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day, morning and evening with toothpaste to remove food debris and plaque. Replace your toothbrush every 4 to 6 months or after an illness.
  2. Don’t forget to brush the tongue too. Bacteria and food can build up on the tongue, especially in smokers or those with dry mouth. A tongue scraper can sometimes be useful to clean.
  3. Interdental floss is an excellent aid in teeth and gum cleaning. It can remove food particles and plaque from the area where toothbrush fail to reach like between the teeth. So, do it after brushing twice a day preferably.
  4. See your dentist regularly — at least twice a year for check up. Dentist will do an oral exam to detect and treat periodontal disease, dry mouth, or other problems that may be the cause of bad mouth odor. Professional cleaning must be done twice a year as per advised by your dentist.
  5. Try to stop habit of smoking and chewing tobacco-based products. Ask your dentist for tips and get the required help to get rid of these.
  6. Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water. It will keep your mouth moist. Chewing gum, mints (preferably sugarless) also stimulates the production of saliva which wash away food particles and reduce bacteria in the mouth.
  7. Try to reduce or avoid type of food which causes more bad breath like onion, garlic.
  8. In the cases where your dentist after checkup concludes that your mouth is healthy and the odor is not of oral origin, you may be referred to specific specialist to determine the odor source and treatment plan.

So, Try to follow these tips to prevent or get rid of the bad breath. Keep yourself healthy. Dont forget to visit your dentist as it need professional help also.

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Chyawanprash for Immunity : Benefits, Indications, Dosage

Chyawanprash is a well known antioxidant rich Ayurvedic formulation for boosting immunity and protects the body from range of infections. It is formulated by including around 50 medicinal herbs with Amla (Indian gooseberry) as the prime ingredient.

Chyawanprash is a powerful herbal remedy that literally lives up to its fame and is an absolute answer to almost all health problems by increasing overall immunity and hence enhance the longevity of a person who take it in regular basis. 

Fortified with powerful herbs, spices with vitamin C, this ayurvedic supplement extensively helps in to boost the immune system, treat any lung or breathing problems, aid in digestion, improve memory and brain function, the magical formulation does it all. It consists of 12 vital ingredients which are common in all ayurvedic formulations ie Amla (Indian gooseberry) , Neem, Pippali, Ashwagandha, Safed Chandana, Tulsi, Elaichi, Arjun, Brahmi, Ghrita, Kesar and honey

Ayurvedic Indications Of Chyawanprash

Ayurveda is the holistic science of herbal remedies and has advocated use of this time-tested formulation in several journals of Charaka and Sushruta. It is mostly indicated for use in the conditions which include :

  • To help in digestion
  • To stimulates appetite
  • To prevents nausea and vomiting Relieves cough, cold and breathing difficulties
  • Relieves burning sensation in stomach
  • Helps in treating painful micturition
  • Treats eye problems and help in vision
  • Treats anaemia
  • Improves skin complexion and anti ageing properties

Other health benefits of Chyavanprash include:

  • It improves digestion and eases chronic constipation. The abundance of fibre in the chyawanprash makes this a powerful remedy to reduce bloating and ease in formation of gas in abdomen. The antacid property of the herbs and spices prevents the formation of excessive acid in the stomach and helps to relieve ulcers, indigestion.
  • On regular intake, it enhances energy level through out the day and reduce fatigue. It may help to improve alertness and concentration.
  • It purifies the blood by eliminating toxins from the body and aids in proper functioning and improve health of all the organs in the system.
  • It helps to stabilise blood pressure
  • It is good to increase good cholesterol (hdl) and decrease bad cholesterol (ldl)
  • It can help protect the body against infections die to loads of antioxidants and Vitamin C.
  • It improve the immune system against fighting microbes and shielding the body against multiple infections like common cold, cough, sore throat and other respiratory ailments. It has strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties.
  • It has anti ageing properties due to presence of various potent herbs, spices and lots of antioxidants. It help in tissue healing and regeneration which helps the body against cellular damage. Chyawanprash is a blessing to achieve spotless radiant skin. It helps in shielding the skin from oxidative radical damage due to the harmful UV radiation. It reduces the ageing process in the skin and hence improves complexion.
  • Chyawanprash helps in weight loss. Being loaded with fibres, herbs, spices when taken regularly, this herbal formulation reduces the hunger pangs and prevents overeating. It prevents weight gain as well as aids in weight loss if take regularly.


Chyawanprash is a time-tested herbal remedy many of us are taking since childhood. Be it men or women, young or old, this ayurvedic supplement is beneficial and suitable for all. It is dark brown-black colour with jam like consistency and has a distinctly sweet, sour taste with a spicy undertone.

The general dosage of Chyawanprash is 12-28gm and can be taken in morning or evening by choice. It is preferred to be consumed with milk (half cup) on an empty stomach in the morning. If you don’t like the milk, can be taken with lukewarm water. You can adjust the dose of Chyawanprash according to your needs but don’t take in excess amount as can cause diarrhea or vomiting.

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Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before making any changes to your diet if any medical conditions involved.

Amazing Health Benefits of Giloy/Guduchi

Giloy is most common name of Tinospora Cordifolia. It is also called as Guduchi. In Sanskrit, known as ‘Amrita’ which means ‘the root of immortality’. Obviously the power of immortality makes it a very special herb with other benefits.

Ayurveda is a combination of science and nature and is now being used and accepted all over the world. It is commonly used for various medicinal advantages and can be consumed in a powdered form or soup or Kadha. Another common way to consume it is to prepare a juice out of it. Let’s find the benefits of giloy.

1. Anti-inflammatory Nature

Giloy is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps in reducing common respiratory problems like cough, cold, tonsilitis. It is traditionally preferred to treat ailments such as bronchitis and chronic cough and pacify the mucous membrane of your respiratory system thereby making it very effective against diseases like asthma. So, consider it as very good and natural way to beat cold.

2. Anti-aging property

Giloy plant has anti-aging properties and on regular consumption it help to reduce dark spots, pimples, fine lines and even tone down wrinkles. It gives you that flawless, glowing skin with other added benefits.

3. Improve arthritis

Giloy anti-inflammatory nature makes it anti-arthritic and helps to relieve it’s symptoms. For joint pain relief, the powder from giloy stem can be boiled with milk and consumed. Its regular use along with ginger helps to treat rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Clinical studies have shown to significantly relief from pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Control Diabetes

Giloy acts as a hypoglycaemic agent and helps to control and may treat diabetes (particularly cases of Type 2 diabetes). Regular intake of giloy juice helps to reduce high levels of blood sugar and works wonders.

5. Improve digestion

This herb works wonderfully by improving bowel movement and helps in digestion. It is full of antioxidants and helps in removing toxins from the body and cleanses the system. Taking good care of the liver and kidneys is also one of the many tasks that Giloy stands out in.

6. Boost Immunity

Giloy is well recognised and accepted herb due to multiple benefits. It can improve longevity, enhances memory and improves health. This herb activates the whole immune system and promote vitality.

It is highly recommended that you consume Guduchi (Giloy) after consulting an ayurvedic medicine specialist only. Guduchi is normally consumed in the powdered form. Normal dosage is a teaspoon at a time, taken twice a day. The Dosage might vary depending on the type of health problems. Various concoctions can be made using Guduchi and other herbs such as Ashwagandha. Giloy can also be consumed as a juice or applied topically as a paste for skin problems.


This medicinal herb is a health rejuvenator which is also widely known for its effectivity in enhancing natural immunity to fight against a number of illnesses such as fever, jaundice, skin diseases, constipation and tuberculosis. So, enjoy the benefits of this miracle medicine and be safe.

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